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I'm not the girl you take home to mom [entries|friends|calendar]
brunette next door

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Friends cut [11 Oct 2004|08:33pm]
fonzy1959 I dont even know who you are.
gazebo77 You either.
neck_tie I don't think you use your eljay at all.
nookypoo You never comment and i dont know you.
twistedan9el I know you but you never comment and im not really that interested in your updates.
swatecke You don't update anymore and you managed to make me annoyed with you. And since you act like you know me because you read my livejournal, you dont get to read it anymore. Not that you even did before.
Comment to be re-added but it is very unlikely that i will.
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Dangerous...i'm loving it [19 Jan 2004|12:39pm]

Yea...this is for the best. I dont like the idea that anyone that wants to can read my journal, especially when i dont appreciate certain people reading it and they still do. Im keepin all my current friends (you know who you are) so you can all still read it, and if u wanna read my LJ ill add u cuz i dont mind, its just some people in specific that i want to stay the hell out. And if u dont have an LJ, make one to read it...i dont care if u dont update. I mean if u wanna read it that bad...go for it.
five by five
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[18 Jan 2004|11:34pm]
I would like my layout to look like this
If anyone could hook me up with that (or do it for me) that would be great.
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Are we a country of gun nuts? Or just a country of nuts? [16 Jan 2004|10:58pm]
[ mood | i hate guns...but i love micheal moore ]

What some conservatives see
The truth
(notice the omission of the HANDGUNS in the first chart, we're talkin handguns here people, handguns)

Go watch bowling for columbine and go watch it right now
and when u watch it try to open up ur mind
dont be stupid and just actually listen to what they are showing u

I'm moving to Canada. Im not even joking.
Dont blame anything on the Canadians ever again.
I love the oldsmobileCollapse )

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This black hole leads to somethin better than this...nothing [16 Jan 2004|03:35pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Yesterday was good times. School got out for me at 10 so me mary brina and david went to ihop where apparently everyone and their mother decided to go for breakfast. it was good times. then we went to best buy get some cds. i got fefe dobson and fuel which i friggen love times a million. i didnt get my lost prophets cd...they didnt have it. whats that all about? best buy has all mainstream music and it bugs me like mad.
And then we went to target to get makeup and i got hello kitty underwear that are unbelieveably HAWT lemme tell ya.
Anyways after that got some ice cream then went home.
Later that night headed to the girls basketball game with david. saw kirsten which i enjoyed. afterwards got some in n out where me and david preceded to be followed by a lot of random people we didnt know. picked up mary and went driving around. then we started talkin about sex songs and me and mary got massive urges to hump eachother so we headed to the CROSSROADS baby! (this place makes mary all hot and bothered)
Meet me at the crossroadsCollapse )
Anyways me mary and david are hella awesome. I also tried to jump out the window a lot last night and was XTREMELY hyper. i would just randomly start screaming in the front seat (if u wanna call it screaming) and couldnt stop laughing. i dunno...im insane. then once we dropped mary off i got really tired and came home and went to sleep.
Today is movie day and 2morrow john is coming. Good times.
five by five

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